Hi there!

My name is Emily, and you have landed on my blog!

This is where I share all of the things. The things I think about, wonder about, and the things I have trouble speaking about. The stuff that I can’t understand and keeps me awake at night. The stuff that scares me and makes me question every single thing in the universe. There are so many things yet to be discovered – in the Word and in myself. I’m exploring, and stumbling, and writing my way through.

I can guarantee you that every single word written has my heart. Every single word written is used to describe an emotion that is conflicting or dominating or confusing. Sometimes those emotions are wonderful, magnificent, and whimsical; sometimes they are unpleasant, mournful, and straight-up gloomy. It’s an emotional spectrum that I’m so grateful to write about and share here.

Without further adieu, check out my latest post here!